The Greater Washington Metropolitan Area is the home to a high concentration of unassisted immigrants. Over the past fiscal year, the Caribbean Help Center has provided support to more than 2500 patrons. CHC continues to reach out to the community to provide assistance to even more low income families and individuals.

Founded in 1995 by the Rev. Evans Faustin , the Caribbean Help Center is a thriving 501C3 non-profit organization working to help people open doors of opportunity that they were unable to before. With a staff of four, nine board members and eight zealous volunteers, the center is determined to change people’s lives. If you need assistance with education, employment, public services, and/or finding health care, the Caribbean Help Center is willing and able to push you forward. Since we are a non-profit organization, we depend on financial donations among others to keep this dream alive. Donating to the Caribbean Help Center is not only a monetary gift to the organization but an investment into the community. Do not hesitate to be a part of our organization.

Affordable Health Care

Affordable Health Care in Haiti: The needs assessment we conducted from 2014-2017 in Godet township revealed that the lack of affordable health care is one of this low-income community’s primary challenges. The poorest people in the Godet Township rely solely on herbal medicine and cannot afford medical assistance in a private clinic or hospital. In an emergency, they walk miles to the nearest clinic. Lack of access to simple procedures, such as screening for high blood pressure and diabetes, can be the cause of death. Both children and adults are vulnerable and rely on the mercy of a Good Samaritan for help. Having access to primary health care services closer to where they live will save many lives.


Prevention: Prevention is an integral part of our health care delivery program. We believe that health education is fundamentally essential to improve the well-being of our clients, their families and the community we serve. Caribbean Help Center provides preventative health care services, medical care, and referral through health education including brochures and video educational sessions.

Mobile health:

While the clinic is in the construction phase, CHC will hold mobile health clinics twice a year on the land. We will partner with volunteer physicians, nurses and organizations to do physical exams, lab work and diagnoses, provide treatment and medication and related services. That’s all I can find for now. I am sending you some more pictures for the gallery. We do have some duplicate pictures now which we can replace with the new ones. I also send you a picture of the Présidente of our board member to include in our staff section.


Caribbean Help Center is working in partnership with other organizations and families in Haiti to help support yearly scholarship for children. Education is very important and is the only hope that these children have to become an integral part in their communities.