About CHC

The Greater Washington Metropolitan Area is the home to a high concentration of unassisted immigrants. Over the past fiscal year, the Caribbean Help Center has provided support to more than 2500 patrons. CHC continues to reach out to the community to provide assistance to even more low income families and individuals.

Founded in 1995 by the Rev. Evans Faustin , the Caribbean Help Center is a thriving 501C3 non-profit organization working to help people open doors of opportunity that they were unable to before. With a staff of four, nine board members and eight zealous volunteers, the center is determined to change people’s lives. If you need assistance with education, employment, information and referrals. Interpretation, food assistance, immigration, public services, and / or finding health care the Caribbean Help Center is willing and able to push you forward. Since we are a non-profit organization, we depend on financial donations among others to keep this dream alive. Donating to the Caribbean Help Center is not only a monetary gift to the organization but an investment into the community. Do not hesitate to be a part of our organization.

Affordable Health care

When a lot of adults and children began to fall sick at regular intervals in our community in the USA, people did not know where to turn to. Most of them cannot afford the expenses of hospitalization and medication. Caribbean Help Center provides affordable health care.

Haiti Earthquake Recover

After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, and the recent one in 2021, CHC answered the call for help of the Haitian people and developed a successful approach to helping many families in Haiti secure primary help.

Food Distribution

While many may question the connection between hungry and illiteracy, there is an undeniable link. To eradicate hunger and illiteracy Caribbean Help Center provides food assistance for hungry people. We believe that beyond just being fed, it is imperative that adults and children get nutrition and wholesome meals.

CHC Programs

The mission of the Caribbean Help Center is to provide assistance and support to people in need located in the United States and the Caribbean. Over the past 27 years the Caribbean Help Center has provided various services to help people create better lives for themselves and improve their communities by offering relief to their problems and the promise of brighter days to come. The CHC’s purpose is to help individuals and families access academic, economic and civic opportunity that enhances their ability to strengthen their neighborhoods, succeed at school and work, raise healthy families and become engaged members of their communities. After the Haiti earthquake, CHC answered the call for help of the Haitian people and developed a successful approach to helping many families in Haiti secure primary help.

Donation Goal : $9900
Donation Goal : $12000
Donation Goal : $19999
Donation Goal : $10000
Donation Goal : $30000
Donation Goal : $15000

Education Is Essential For
Better Future

We are committed towards providing education to every single child in Haiti. Donate for the education of poor children and give them the gift of education.

Caribbean Help Center HAITI

Founded in 1995 and incorporated in December, 2000 the Caribbean Help Center (CHC) HAITI is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We help immigrant clients and other low-income residents of Maryland, USA become more self-sufficient and assist in building a better life for themselves and their communities. After the devastating 2010 earthquake, the center increased its efforts and plans to establish a Health Care and Community Development program to improve the living conditions of the population in the Belot area of Kenscoff.


CHC seeks to improve the health of the low-income residents in Godet Township in the Kenscoff area of Haiti by establishing a primary health care program centered around a medical clinic that we plan to build. Our goal is to expand the organization in Haiti in order to build the clinic, carry out preventive health education, and community development for more than 800 people.


Since 2014, CHC has been continuously active in the lives of the population of Godet. We have been able to learn and understand the needs of the population by conducting a need assessment survey. Through our commitment, we have been able to bring them hope. Our primary goal is to build the trust of our clients in the community of Godet and integrate them into the works of our mission.

Haiti Address: Route de Belot #20
Kenscoff, Haiti
Phone: 011 509 48047903 or
011 509 47517732

Our Team

Rev. Evans Faustin.



Olga Faustin.

(Project Manager)

Michelle Gauvin

(Board President)

Samuel Tremont

(Staff member)

Pat Larson

(Consultant / Volunteer)